Category: Mirella

mirella academie


Mirella’s Academie pointe shoe is designed for the beginner, with a harder shank to provide resistance (to strengthen the foot) and a higher vamp and sides to keep the foot in position. The very flat sole makes it much easier...

mirella elegance


The big selling point for Mirella’s Elegance pointe shoe is noise – or rather, the lack of it.   The special pasting method and pleated cushioning mean it’s an unusually quiet shoe. Note, the sizing on this shoe seems to be...



Mirella’s Advanced pointe shoe is a lightweight but durable shoe with a short U-cut vamp and cutaway sides to reveal the instep.  The square box and low vamp mean it’s a comfortable and flattering shoe for those with short, even...

mirella academie


Mirella have taken an unusual step with their Professional pointe shoe. The insoles have only been glued in up to the 2/3 mark, making it easy for the dancer to cut or modify the rest of the insoles to suit...

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